“I was drunk last night” and Pan

Pan has been working as a cross cultural artist for past 17 years in Shanghai China, He recently moves to old town Porvoo, concentrating on his ink art and learning how to fire the wooden sauna with one match…

Pan always like to challenge himself and built an conversation between his own tradition and the world without the language barrier.

He created “I was drunk last night” series ink paintings after he experienced his family member’s passing away recently, ”inside cloud mountain and water, anything is much better connected and much happier…” he explained, you can find everything with the dynamic forms, from west to east, or find nothing, just the lines, growing and becoming, from present to future, eventually in-between life and death…




Finland    T: +358 466323405

Itäinen pitkäkatu 4 as 1, 06100 PORVOO, Finland

China    T: +86 21-62497133

Room 904, World Union, No. 199, North Wulumuqi Road,
Shanghai P.R.China. 200040